Dana Sangha 

Dana door.jpg  The Dana Zen Center was founded in the Paris suburb of Montreuil in 1994 by Roshi Catherine Genno Pagès, a lineage holder in the Soto school, to offer regular Zen teaching and meditation in an urban setting. Its members form a community of lay practitioners who seek to honor the integrity of the ancient Zen tradition while integrating the practice into daily, modern life. It is easily accessible by the city's public transport system (see Directions).

  The center offers daily meditation sessions and monthly retreats which either last one weekend or one week. Introduction classes are held for beginners. During summer months, the Center organizes a two-week retreat in the French country side. (see Activities and Schedule).

  Catherine Genno Pagès Roshi is the first dharma heir of the American Zen master Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi, who is heir of the late Taizan Maezumi Roshi, founder of the Zen Center of Los Angeles. (See Lineage)

  Genno Roshi has been teaching "just sitting" (shikantaza) and koans for over 30 years. She emphazises the importance of interpersonnal relationships, especially in the community of practitionners (sangha). Her teaching includes practices for cultivating compassion and loving kindness, and also the practice of Council Circle, that enables to share authentically.  


22 Avenue Pasteur, 93100 Montreuil, France
Tel. : +33(0)1 49 88 91 65
E-mail: info@danasangha.fr

Dana Sangha Paris - 22 Avenue Pasteur - 93100 Montreuil - France